Broker Products:

  • Residential Broker Price Opinion (BPO) – Our residential product line includes customizable solutions to meet your needs. There are various form types, special instruction, and delivery options available.
    1. Residential: Single Family
    2. Multi Family: 2-4 Unit
    3. Vacant Land
  • Commercial Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) – Our commercial product offerings include multiple form types, from the Commercial Sales Comparison report to our extensive Complete Commercial BOV with both a Sales Comparison and Income Approach, we have a valuation product to meet your commercial needs.
    1. Commercial BOV: Sales Comparison and Income Approach
    2. Commercial Sales Comparison only report
    3. Vacant Land
  • Residential Property Detail and Condition Report – Subject property exterior/interior condition, neighborhood/market information, and photos.

Appraisal Products:

  • Appraisals – A highly experienced professional appraisal management team provides the kind of service you only get from individuals with excellent appraisal credentials and years of industry problem solving knowledge.
  • Desktop Solutions – Rather for front end origination or back end servicing, there is a time and a place for a good Desktop product. Often our clients find these Desktop solutions meet their needs for that in between BPO and full Appraisal need. Let us show you how we do it.
  • Reconciliations – Rather it be a third party reconciliation of value, or an internal reconciliation we have the experts with geographic competence to help you find the true value.

Data and Analytics:

  • Automated Valuation Models – These products may be ordered in conjunction with our other valuation products, or independently. Our automated valuation model platform is a cascading model that ensures maximum hit rate percentage and accuracy.
  • Rent-Range Rental Data Reports – Clients have the option of ordering rental data reports provided by RentRange. Reports include median monthly rental rates, rental comparables, rental rate trends, and an automated rent estimate for the subject.